How To Get Schengen Visa From Dubai To Finland?

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After my travel to Finland last month, many people are asking me how I get Schengen Visa from Dubai. Let me share with you today all the information and procedure in order to get Schengen Visa and increase your chance of getting an approval. Mine was Business Visa but it is just almost the same with Tourist Visa.

Getting a visa to visit European countries is quite challenging because of bunch of requirements that you need to prepare and must have complete documents in order for you to get the approval. Therefore, 2-3 months before your target date of travel you must do research, read articles and visit the website of VFS Global , (an outsourcing and technology services specialist for government and diplomatic mission worldwide. Almost all countries are catered by this organization. So when you need to apply visa kindly check their website or call to get information)

How To Get Schengen Visa To Finland From Dubai

Required Documents

  • Original Passport with more than 6 months validity before expiration
  • Visa Page copy
  • Last 3 months Bank Statement of your company. Prepare also your personal Bank Statement if in case they requested) but for Tourist Visa, only your personal Bank Statement is required.
  • Company Trade License copy (If tourist visa, you don’t need this document)
  • Invitation Letter from Finland company (If tourist visa, you don’t need this document or else if you have friend or relatives who is inviting you
  • No Objection Letter from your company to travel, stating your position, how many years have you been working in the company, your salary and mention if they will shoulder all your expenses (if the embassy would not be satisfied they will request you to submit your bank statement ). For tourist visa, you also need No Objection letter from your company.
  • Copy of Return-ticket
  • Proof of Accomodation or Hotel Booking (For hotel it is not necessarily confirmed as you are not sure if your visa will be approved. You can book your hotel from as it is free cancellation)
  • Travel Insurance (more than 30,000 Euro)


  1. Download the Application Form and Fill up carefully.
  2. Gather all the required documents and make sure it is complete to avoid refusal.
  3. Visit VFS Global office in Wafi Mall. When I applied my visa I just dropped by to their office directly. Their timings is (From Monday – Friday / 9:00am – 3:00pm). To make sure that they are accepting walk-in applicants you can call them on this telephone number +971 4 205 5907. If not you can schedule an appointment with them by calling their number. (For me when I called them, they told me that I can come walk-in to VFS Global in Wafi Mall and submit all the documents.)
  4. Pay the Fees : Premium : 742.50 AED ( for fast processing). For ordinary processing, I think 270 AED, you can double check with them by calling their landline (+971 4 205 5907)
  5. Processing Period: After you have submitted all the documents and your original passport, they will send it to Abu Dhabi Finland Embassy. Keep your receipt of payment with tracking reference as you will present that upon collection your passport with visa stamp. It takes 1-2 weeks for ordinary processing to be released. While for me, I got my approved visa after 4 working days only as I paid premium. You can track your application in VFS Global by visiting their website and enter your tracking reference number.
  6. Collection : Once your visa has been approved you will receive an SMS from the phone number that you register to them. Bring your payment receipt and collect from VFS Global Wafi your original passport with Approved Visa. Then, Congratulations! Enjoy your trip in Europe!

Note : When applying a schengen visa, the most important to keep in mind is to submit the complete documents to avoid rejection.

Visit VFS Global, read all the details about application of Schengen visa as from time to time they might have new rules or changes.

7 Things You Should Know About Before Traveling To Finland


Traveling to Europe is an exciting experience for many especially for first time traveler from Asian or African countries which the temperature is sweltering if not raining in the whole year.

If you are traveling to Europe and this will be your first time, I have listed here 7 important things that can help your preparation.

Weather – Temperature is the first thing you have to eye before traveling to Finland as this country is in the coldest part of Northern Europe. Check which month you are traveling. If you want to visit with plenty of snow and winter activity, the month of December to March is ideal. But if you’d like to enjoy the leisure walk in the city, see the lusty green mountains in the countryside, the best time is from June to August.

Currency – As Finland is one of the European countries, Euro is their only legal tender. So make sure you have Euros in your wallet before traveling. Money exchange is also available in the airport and in the malls in Helsinki but it is better if you already have before boarding to the plane so if in case you’d like to buy something, running out of cash is not an issue.

Visa – Check your nationality if you need to apply Schengen Visa. Secure your visa if you are not exempted. Those member in the European countries for sure they can travel freely.  (Next to this blog I will be sharing about how to apply schengen visa from Dubai to Finland especially for Filipinos)

JC visa

Winter Gear–  If you are traveling in winter season, make sure you bring the appropriate winter garments because when the temperature is below zero, you can really feel the freezing tingling in your skin if you are not properly warm and you are walking outside. Follow below list to keep you warm and enjoy the cold weather.

  • Winter Coat for freezing temperature
  • Warm Jacket for warm temperature as it is still cold even above zero
  • Mid-layer Tops
  • Warm Pants
  • Leggings made of acrylic and wool
  • Warm Windproof Hat
  • Scarf and Neck Warmer
  • Waterproof Shoes or Booths
  • Winter Socks
  • Winter Gloves

Food – I love most of their food especially their sweets. You will enjoy the fresh berries, Blueberries yogurt and pies.  Check out below list I’m sure you are familiar and it suits your taste buds.

  • Karelian pasty
  • Karjalanpiirakka (rice pies)
  • Mustikkapiirakka (blueberry pie).
  • Riisipuuro (rice pudding).
  •  Lihapullat (meat balls).
  • Perunalaatikko (sweetened potato casserole
  • Puolukkapiirakka (lingonberry pie)
  • Leipäjuusto (bread cheese).
  • Lohikeitto (salmon soup)
  • Kinkku (ham)

Language – Finnish and Swedish are the two official language in Finland. Not everyone can speak English. You can only find a number of people who can speak English mostly in the shops, in the restaurants and in malls. Otherwise it is quite challenging in speaking with the local people on the road.

Most of the sign boards you can read on the road or in the shops are in Finnish, even with their products name and label, so don’t be shock. If you don’t understand you can ask the sales person.

Public Toilet – It is quite challenging if you wanted to use public toilet in Finland. Make sure that you have Euro in your pocket. In the malls, you can use the toilet for free, but if you are in the city let say you have some emergency and you need to use toilet, you can enter commercial shop but you have to pay one euro.

Bonus Tips

Keep Yourself Hydrated – When you arrived there in winter season, the first thing you will notice in the first few days is that your lips is getting dry. If in case you have already a dried lips, a moisture balm can help and it is available in any store. Keep yourself hydrated inside and outside. Drink plenty of water and juices. Take a bath everyday. Cover your mouth with scarf when you are outside.

Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy Europe! 🙂


Winter Experience in Europe – Finland Travel 2019

A couple of weeks ago I just came back to Dubai from Finland. Now I appreciate more our weather which is ranging  from 19°C – 26°C during cold season from November to March while during summer you would feel the scorching heat of the sun in the peak month of August but I enjoyed both season in this Arab country.

Before we traveled to Finland, the temperature was reaching -19°C and – 21°C especially in Tampere, town in Pirkanmaa, Southern Finland which is the main city we will visit and Helsinki. I, personally was monitoring the weather in those 2 cities and in Sweden as per our itinerary we will also visit Stockholm by cruise from Helsinki. It was my first major experience of snow and freezing temperature. We stayed there for more than a week as planned. Therefore I need to be prepared with my winter gear, shoes, and gloves etc . Somehow, I was a bit scared imagining myself in the frozen surface, walking on the ice and then there were snow flakes sprinkling on my face, but I just encouraged myself that the local people there can survive the freezin’ temperature, therefore, I can also survive by faith and I did…. Thank God! 🙂

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Feliz Primer Aniversario!

Feliz Aniversario!. It’s been one year since I started my blog, Life Journey With JC. Though recently I seldom to write and update with what’s going on with my life, probably some of you know that I was taking photography class during weekend on Friday. My one day off was almost occupied with home errands, class and assignment and attending other important tasks. I am also busy with the meeting in my club that’s why it is quite a struggle for me on how to manage my time and do everything including updating my blog. Anyway, Sometimes you have to put on hold for a while something you like to do, but that doesn’t mean you are abandoning something that you love too. But I have great news I already finished with my photography class. I am so happy and excited because hopefully I would have more time to keep in touch with you and also use my skills in the next level in photography and also in my blogs. 🙂

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How to change font in Instagram?

There were many times I saw accounts in Instagram using a peculiar font for their profile and bio. Since then I was wondering how it was being made. One of my friend instagram’s also using a very nice font. But when I asked her, she told me that there was link given to her but she already forgot and couldn’t remember. Because of my interest and eagerness to do the same as I am really impressed about it, I searched in google the link on where you can change the font for your social media, especially for Instragram and Twitter. Therefore, I wanna share with you today the link if you would like to do it.

The link is  

Hope you like it and enjoy 🙂

Legoland and Riverland Dubai, a new fascinating attraction in Dubai

Welcome to Legoland and Riverland Dubai, the gateway to Dubai Parks and Resort!!…

Last month, holiday I with a group decided to finally visit Riverland  Dubai adjacent to Legoland and Motiongate. I learned this new fascinating tourist attraction from word of mouth and friend’s photos on social media. This was unveiled last 2016. The place is spectacular that you and your family and friends will love. There is water canal where you can enjoy the ride on a boat feels like you are in Venice. Various dining and entertainments are available.


It is accessible by public transportation. If you take the Red Line Metro from Rashidiya you will get off to the last station UAE Exchange. From there it is 10-15 minutes travel. You can hire a cab to take you to Riverland and it will cost you between 20-40 dirhams.

Ideal to Visit

It is ideal to visit Riverland during winter season from November – March.  Aside from the lovely weather to enjoy walking, you will also love to take photos as they embellish the place with snowflakes and other winter ornament.

Probably we will go back there this December in order to see the difference, Albeit the weather was still sweltering and we’re wet, good I still managed to get photos to share  with you.

Check out below photos and leave your comment.

Thank you and have a great day 🙂

Souk Madinat Jumeirah


Last long weekend I went to Souk Madinat Jumeirah for photoshoot. This is a beautiful place to take photos with perfect views of Iconic Burj Al Arab as some call this as little Venice of Dubai. This is located in the heart of Jumeirah and accessible by public transport like bus and taxi.

The first time I saw this place I was fascinated with the building structure designs from the entrance but more wow when I entered the facility. There are alleys of boutiques, souvenir shops, luxury fashion and jewelry. Varieties of restaurants and cafes offers an amazing view of Burj Al Arab.

Aside from shopping and dining, Souk Madinat Jumeirah offers various entertainment activities such as an astonishing performance from Madinat Theater, night life and Abra tours in the Water Canal.

Check out some photos I’d got. I’m gonna post another blog and more photos in the future because when I arrived there it was almost dark,around 6pm so I missed to explore the other area which is more interesting. 🙂


Dubai Marina Skyline At Night And My First Long Exposure Photography

(SS: 15 secs  /F16 / ISO 100/ 20mm)

Last month, we went to Dubai Marina to capture it’s beautiful skyline at night.

(Dubai Marina is another tourist attractions you will enjoy and love the amazing view. This is an artificial canal city  full of residential towers and villas.)

The whole class went there to practice the long exposure in photography (long exposure is done at night especially if you want to capture those beautiful lights and rails, tripod is needed). Remote shutter release is also needed but if it is not available, you can just set the timer of your camera , 5-10 seconds is ideal. Humidity was intense during that day but we just made fun all of us were sweating and we also enjoyed that activity especially when we saw our artwork. Check below. 🙂


More Photos During Holiday

Hello everyone, wishing you all a blessed Friday. I would like to share with you today the part two of more photos taken during EID holiday Fireworks Display. To those who are not familiar with the place this is in Al Seef, another interesting place in Dubai that you can consider to visit if you are coming to UAE to explore and experience the beauty of this country. If you haven’t read my previous blog regarding this tourist destination you can read here. 

I have shared with you last week the fireworks display photo I’ve taken with my camera as I am taking a photography class and I am practicing it. Some photos are taken by phone as it is more easy and convenient to take photos using mobile..hehe. My purpose of sharing photos is to give you some interesting ideas of the place. 🙂 I hope you like it. 🙂